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by Sam Juliano

Jamie Uhler’s 2021 HorrorFest concludes this week with a final entry.  In a prologue to the review, sent to a small e mail chain, he voiced the hope he might be able to stage it again next year, but specified it would depend on a few factors.  Here’s hoping everything comes together.  In any case his final salvo considers a Czech film he officially anoints as the finest of all the films he reviewed.

Thanks to all who have voted (and those still planning to cast a ballot) in our Canadian Film polling.  According to Voting Tabulator Bill Kamberger the returns so far have been astounding.

The publication of Paradise Atop the Hudson is close at hand, but before I download the book and the art, I must make positively certain no errors remain on the manuscript, which is always a tricky proposition for a single set of eyes.  To this end, Bill has been incredible.  The painstaking revision though, has kept me away from Irish Jesus in Fairview, which will resume immediately after Paradise is published.

Lucille, young Sammy, Jeremy and I saw two films in theaters this past week, both at the Teaneck multiplex.  Eternals (3/5) and The French Dispatch (4/5) were reasonably entertaining films, but some issues were prevalent, especially in the case of the former film.

Jamie’s review follows: (more…)

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