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by Sam Juliano

The Latin American film polling project will continue until 5:00 P.M. on Monday, December 6th.  Unforgettable movies from Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Chile and Columbia have been dominating yet another international polling, one bringing on a large number of completed ballots, according to Voting Tabulator Bill Kamberger.

Speaking of December 6th, my novel, Paradise Atop the Hudson, will finally publish on that busy day.  Lucille and I will take the plunge, and unless there are technical hurdles which could delay us further with the process, I am expecting the Amazon link to the book to be live at the site within 24 hours or so after we surrender the manuscript and art.  I am still re-arranging and writing the massive acknowledgment section, and awaiting some review blurbs from friends who received a copy of the manuscript early.  I want to thank everyone for their patience, interest and amazing assistance to get this project consummated.  I plan to resume with the book’s sequel, Irish Jesus in Fairview, shortly after the work connected to Paradise has been completed.

I trust that all our friends stateside enjoyed Thanksgiving Day and a return to some degree of normalcy after last year’s cancellations.  It was so great to meet up with our relatives again.

Lucille, young Sammy and I took in the new Disney animated musical-fantasy, Encanto Saturday night in the Teaneck multiplex. Fueled by a mostly fabulous score by Germaine Franco, with eight songs in Spanish and English by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this rollicking picture about sibling rivalries and cultural displacement was a sensory delight, and much like its ethic predecessor, “Coco” the visuals were imbued with phantasmagorical heft. Not quite the emotional powerhouse “Coco” is, Encanto is still a beautifully made and conceived film that is wholly irresistible. (more…)

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