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by Sam Juliano

After what has seemed liked an endless delay over many months, the publication of Paradise Atop the Hudson will be happening over the next few days.  The exact date will be Wednesday, two days from the appearance of this Monday Morning Diary, as I needed to enact some last-minute additions to the massive acknowledgment section, an appendix that has morphed into a book itself.  That multi-pronged section includes past and present Fairview and Cliffside Park luminaries, friends, relative and associates living and deceased, and the many online friends and arts colleagues that I’ve connected with over the past two decades.  I want to again thank Valerie Clark and Tony D’Ambra for their help and enthusiasm and to the seven people (including Valerie and Tony) who have left astounding book blurbs for the novel.  The others are my prime editor, Bill Kamberger; Professor Andrew Hunt, a Canadian author of six books; Jay Giampietro, my longtime friend and director of the shorts I’ve appeared in; my artist Andrew Castrucci; and my longtime friend, the author and playwright Peter Danish.   After the book materials and the cover art is surrendered to Amazon – a process that could be way less complicated than I am anticipating – the site normally takes between 24 and 48 hours to post the sales link to the book.  What this means is that Paradise Atop the Hudson will most likely appear on Amazon this coming Thursday (December 9th or Friday, December 10th).  After the book is published and made available I will attend to all my promises to the friends in my inner circle on the matter of copies, and then resume writing the book’s follow-up novel, Irish Jesus in Fairview.

The Latin American film polling concludes today (Monday, December 6th).  Voting Tabulator Bill Kamberger reported to me this morning that forty (40) ballots have been cast so far, which makes this venture another impressive effort.  Next up with be the films of the “Former Soviet Bloc,” which includes Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania.  (note: East Germany is excluded as it was part of the completed German poll) The “Former Soviet Bloc Poll” will be underway tomorrow (Tuesday, December 7th) at 12:00 noon. (more…)

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