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by Sam Juliano

This coming Friday we will be launching “The Three Chinas” film polling, which will include mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Each interested voter will be asked to list fifteen (15) films in either numbered, alphabetical or chronological order.  The decision to take off South Korea was made this week, as Bill and I (and other FB commenters) felt Korea would be better placed in the “Rest of Asia” polling that will also include Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and Tibet.  Like the previous pollings the duration will run a little over two weeks.

Jim Clark published a brilliant essay on the acclaimed Japanese film, Drive My Car this past week at the site.  It warrants full inspection.

This past week I had a bad experience with a single Amazon review, though I suspected six months ago this would come to pass.  I will share my FB post to explain here:  “The person who gave PARADISE ATOP THE HUDSON a 1 star review this week at Amazon is a troll who attacked all those who posted about people dying at the Fairview Forums (specifically “I grew Up at the Top of the Hill”) about six months ago. Everyone ganged up on him after he told a woman who lost her husband to “get over it” and “we all have to die.” When I complained about his behavior he attacked me and said “hehehehehehe, nobody will read your book when it is published.” His plans were obviously to trash it as soon as he got the chance. I have written a complaint to Amazon about this dishonest review, but I don’t know if they will remove it or not. He has never posted a single review at the site, nor did he buy the book there. How would he even know anything about the book without ever securing a copy? There is NO OTHER WAY to get the book unless I were to give him a copy, which of course I did not. His “criticisms” were preposterous of course, but that is what trolling is all about. I do know his name of course (and he didn’t attempt to hide it when he posted) and also that he was a former Fairview resident. I am more than willing to accept constructive criticism and opinions that may not make me happy, but to be trolled by someone who publicly attacked people for mourning their lost loved ones is something I cannot accept.  The person who left the rating and review did not attempt to hide his identity either.”

I did not myself see the new Scream movie, as that kind of thing for me is a waste of time.  But my family did.  The boys were fine with it, but the girls thought it was awful.  Ha! (more…)

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