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by Sam Juliano

The site will again be staging the Allan Fish Online Film Festival in observance of our late master’s May 28th birthday.  Remarkably, this will be the sixth consecutive year we will be moving forward with a project tribute that has yielded some of the finest writing we’ve ever exhibited.  Founded by Chicago native and staffer Jamie Uhler in 2017 – nine months after Allan’s tragic passing – the idea was to continue as long as physically possible and as long as the site continues to exist and add new material.  Alas, we have no intentions in the immediate future to close our doors and we’d like to think our lifespan here has a ways to go, what with yeoman contributions continuing from our exceedingly talented writers, led by site Co-Editor James Clark and by his fellow Canadian veteran film writer J.D. Lafrance.  The festival will launch on Saturday, May 28th – Allan’s birthday – and will continue until the line-up is completed.  I will be sending out a group email this week to the past participants to alert them of our intentions.  Thanks to all for your anticipated cooperation.

The Best Films of Spain and Portugal polling is underway and will continue until 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, May 24th.  Thanks to all who voted or will be doing so in the future on the polling thread.

I attended the annual 8th Grade Washington trip as a chaperone this past week from Wednesday to Friday.  I posted many photos of the memorials and locations we managed, but unfortunately my phone broke after an unexpected tumble at the foot of the Jefferson Memorial.  This is what I posted about the mishap on FB:  “My deepest apologies for disappearing suddenly last night, and not being able to access FB again until just now back in Fairview, New Jersey. Unfortunately I took a tumble last night while attempting to snap a picture at the Jefferson Memorial in the dark. My cell phone busted, and now must be replaced, so I had no use of my phone since last night. I am presently up at the school on a desk top. My right knee and right arm remain sore, and I was up almost all night. Thanks to the ever-concerned trip coordinator Sandy DeVivo and to Steve Russo for attending to me immediately. Needless to say I have not yet seen any comments or likes that may have been posted. The Jefferson Memorial of course is one of the greats, though the sublime pink cherry blossoms are now there only in April.” (more…)

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