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by James Clark

We could call this film an enigma, with the mysteries of Japan. The world is so cosmopolitan that one could pretty much imagine everyone being much the same. But this film wants to maintain that the currents of Japanese sensibility (at a premium) might flourish.

Moreover, during the past two hundred years or so in Europe, there have been philosophers alerted about this same incursion. However, at this point of full-scale collapse, only desperate moments could avail. Here is one of the most recent filmic versions of this crisis.

Our saga plays out in a triad, the better to present the problematic. The first episode is called, “Magic, Or Something Less Assuring.” The protagonist, Mieko, has many names. But the name you must engage is “Millennial.” We find her, as always, assured, being lifted by a horde of intimates. Her work of a fashion model allows for much eulogizing. In action in a Tokyo park, where a rich, deep sweater and a rich deep scarf seem appropriate, the crew pauses to see if all is flawless, perfect. During the preceding poses, there was from the crew a steady cheer to her wonderfulness. Next stop, the retinue crowd around the laptop. “Really pretty!” someone sings. “Looking pretty… I like the eyelashes reflecting the light.” (Before that, though, she had totally ignored a dying tree.) “Good, yup, the best! And you click so well.”  (Along with this good time, though,  the princess only half attends to the motions of hands and fingers. Too bad.) One of the crew insists, “Every little move can explode…”

Later that evening, the darling of smarts connects with a woman of some balance. On a long taxi ride toward the home of the lost, things happen. Mieko begins with, “How’d you click so well?” / “Well, at some point, he started saying, ‘You’re not who I thought you were.’”   (Tzu/Mieko, having been  dumped for her crudeness and adultery toward that same man, she would imagine the obvious. But the click was about a bid to reach something better. The better [Kazuaki] was not aware that Mieko had been there.)    All along this journey, at the back seat, various lights play right behind the cab, as a mysterious firmament. For example, gusts of green lights call for a never-seen approach. These ignored beauties put to shame the overwhelming smallness of the women, in various states. We’re in for many twists and turns here, but the deficiencies will rule. However, by careful scrutiny, one may find what is needed. (more…)

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