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Holyhead Train - Project Arts center in Dublin

by Sam Juliano
      Note:  This is the first in a planned series aimed at surveying some of the renowned corners of the blogosphere.
     To answer the question posed in the title, “Longman Oz” is the surname of a talented Dublin-based blogger who has demonstrated in the past months a passionate cultural diversity, that among other persuits, regularly lures him into renowned Dublin play houses to review the latest productions.  Combining this theatrical propensity, the fecund “Longman” is an avid film buff, with a particular command of contemporary European cinema, and he often is fortunate to see a number of new releases before they hit stateside.  ‘Longman’ is a dedicated cinephile, who has an impressive background in classic cinema too, and most internet discussion usually reveal his wide experience in DVD viewings, which has manifested itself in his regular yearly “roundups” which are part of his “100 Noughtie Films” ongoing project.
     “Longman” brings a distinctly “Irish” perspective to his features, reviews and comments, and he’s quite a discerning blogger, who’s not afraid to take on critical concensus or the prevailing sentiments among his blogging peers.  As of late, this prolific Irish blogger has been covering the cinema of Ozu, and recently penned a superlative review of Jacques Audiard’s little-known masterwork, A Self-Made Hero.  The blogger’s recent medley of posts includes a review of a play, Off Plan (at the Projects Art Center in London, pictured above) and reviews of Clint Eastwood’s Invictus and an especially outstanding essay on what appears to be a most engaging Irish film titled Eamon, linked here:                     http://noordinaryfool.com/2010/02/16/eamon/
No Ordinary Fool is a most worthy inclusion for any serious film blog, and its proprietor boasts an invaluable voice.

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