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Classic pre-coder "The Mouthpiece" starring Warren William screened on Thursday night at Film Forum

by Sam Juliano

The dog days of August are now officially upon us and summer prepares to make it’s strongest statement of all.  At Wonders in the Dark the musical team are nearing their final decisions for collaboration on what will be a Top 50 countdown, now scheduled for launch on Monday, August 22nd in reverse order leading up to #1 and to be presented Monday through Fridays.  Hence, it is expected to run until November, and at least a few of the essays will be penned by non-voters.  On another front Dee Dee’s exciting ‘Virtual Poet Cafe’ is slated for Saturdays, and can be accessed on the sidebar.  This past week feature was moderated by Sheila Moore.

My entire week was taken by American pre-code cinema and Buster Keaton, and all in the confines of what seems to be serving as a second home:  the Film Forum on Houston Street. Lucille actually managed to attend four of the double-features with me, and we were graced by the generosity and presence of Alan Hardy.  The three boys as always, attended the Keaton double on Monday.  The week’s total was a rather ludicrous 15 features.  Partially because of a wedding on Saturday night (my car included Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr., blogger Russell Martin, Broadway Bob and Maxine Grgurev and her husband, as well as Lucille) I didn’t see a sinle recent release, which is rather rare.  But seeing what is out there, it’s surely no tragedy. (more…)

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