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twin peaks

by Joseph Powers

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me….Six simple words right??? Wrong! These six words represent something very far from simple. These words combined just happen to make up the title of one of the most divisive films of the last fifty years. Spawned as the sixth feature length motion picture by infamous surrealist auteur David Lynch, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me has divided and confounded critics and viewers alike since the moment it’s ominous and jazzy opening credits rolled onto the screen on May 16th, 1992 at the Cannes Film Festival. In mere minutes, viewers would begin to boo, jeer, and walk out of the theater altogether, bringing with them an air of emotions rarely seen in viewers towards any film in recent memory.

SCORN, BEFUDDLEMENT, ANGER, SADNESS, HATE, LOVE, CONFUSION, AMAZEMENT, TERROR, BEWILDERMENT, DISAPPOINTMENT, PITY, JOY, ELATION. These are just some of the known reactions Fire Walk With Me has caused over the years. I’m sure by now, most of the knowledgeable fans have heard the quotes from other directors and critics (Yes I’m talking about you Quentin Tarantino, Roger Ebert, and Vincent Canby to name a few) voicing their dislike, absolute contempt, and uncalled for comments against David Lynch and his creative abilities (or lack thereof). (more…)

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