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Capture from Tadashi Imai’s 1950 “Until We Meet Again”


Capture from 1962’s “Happiness of Us Alone”


Capture from Kinoshita’s 1955 “She Was Like a Wild Chrysanthemum”


by Sam Juliano

I have gone thorough a difficult week as a result of yet another visit from my perennial nemesis, the kidney stones.  Yes it is hard to believe I haven’t yet mastered a way to keep them at bay, but I can attribute this to my failure to drink enough water.  All week I suffered discomfort, but I caught a break when I passed the culprit stone on Sunday unexpectedly after some intense pain and nausea, allowing me to avert the planned Wednesday shock wave procedure.  Still, there is a stone within the kidney around the same size that I’d be smart to have blasted within the next month or so if I want to avoid a recurrence of what I just experienced.

As a result of all this discomfort, launched by my seven hour stay in a hospital emergency room, I have been unable to do much on the movie front, or on any front for that matter.  I rallied after passing the stone to take in three Japanese masterpieces on a rare online site, used often by Allan for films that have yet to see the light of day on DVD. (more…)

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