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Book reading by celebrated children’s book author/illustrator Peter Brown at Word bookstore/cafe in Jersey City, N.J.

Richard Linklater’s visionary “Boyhood” in the best film of 2014.

by Sam Juliano

The romantic countdown is doing quite nicely, with elevated comment totals of late and a real sense of purpose by both the motivated writers and those inspire to contribute on the corresponding threads.  We aren’t so far from the half way point in fact.

Thanks so much to our Guardian Angel Dee Dee for her continued attendance to the sidebar.  And thanks to all who spend even seconds at the site leaving ‘likes’ or acknowledgements.

Summer moves forward, as does the program I am teaching until August 8th.

Lucille and the gang came along for two new releases this week in theaters.  We also attended a book reading and presentation at the Word Bookstore in Jersey City.  Peter Brown of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild fame was on hand as per my FB report: (more…)

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