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by Sam Juliano

There are 565 municipalities in the state of New Jersey. On the vital Sunday before Tuesday’s election Democratic candidate for Governor Phil Murphy (way ahead in the polls) decided to spend his time in two Boroughs – Fairview and Paramus!!!! This is such an incredible, incomparable honor for our town and the powerful Democratic party running it. My brother Paul Juliano was the day’s master-of-cermonies and central speaker who introduced Bergen County Clairman Lou Stellato and Murphy! Lucille and I were so thrilled to meet the next Governor and hear his electrifying speech, one loaded with barbs for the current outgoing GOP Governor. Awesome!

Jamie Uhler‘s latest capsule is another gem, one that he considers the 2015 musical horror fantasy The Lure:

The Lure (A. Smoczyńska… 2015) musical/fantasy  If I said that last night I watched perhaps the greatest Horror musical we’ve ever had would you blink? I’m not entirely sure many would, as the sub-genre isn’t exactly littered with masterpieces. Outside the grossly overrated, if fun, Rocky Horror Picture Show (and in this vein, its then comparatively underrated sequel Shock Treatment) and the rather average, but thankfully gory, Sweeney Todd, one struggles to even name any more of real note. There’s De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise, a film I often fondly recall if few others do, and cite its soundtrack as terrific (it’s in desperate need of more fans), that’s probably the best perhaps, so long as you remain like me, with Miike’s The Happiness of the Katakuris unseen. None of these are that scary though, mostly opting to rely on the seemingly strange juxtaposition of Horror and singing for the bulk of their aesthetic, with all the films mentioned venture towards high camp (to varying degrees of success). Smoczyńska’s 2015 work is then a real original, artfully crafted and imagining a world where masterpieces can be made with the fusing of very odd bedfellows.   (more…)

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