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by Allan Fish

(France 1923 87m) DVD2 (France only, no Eng subs)

Aka. Coeur Fidèle

Love can make you forget anything

p  Jean Epstein  d  Jean Epstein  w  Jean Epstein, Marie Epstein  ph  Léon Donnot, Paul Guichard, Henri Stuckert  ed  Jean Epstein 

Gina Manès (Marie), Léon Mathot (Jean), Edmond van Daële (Little Paul), Claude Benedict (Monsieur Hachon), Madame Maufroy (Madame Hachon), Marie Epstein (the crippled girl), Madeleine Erickson (port prostitute),

He’s most remembered now for his The Fall of the House of Usher in 1928, and even then it’s more famous for its assistant director being Luis Buñuel.  By then, however, Epstein was becoming disillusioned with his art, for only a few years earlier he’d been one of the giants of the French silent cinema, a titan admired by all his peers, helped by his devoted wife Marie, who in turn has become better known for her restoration of Gance’s La Roue.  Abel Gance was one of Epstein’s closest friends, his feelings on his drift into obscurity summed up perfectly in a quote from Georges Sadoul; “he preferred to die a victim rather than live by prostituting his art.  I still see his so expressive rhomboidal face whose hair seemed to burn like a black flame from his forehead. I hear his slow singular voice, chary of words, picking his listeners.  Must not this voice still be heard from the depths of the abyss?(more…)

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