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seven years

Another milestone has been achieved at Wonders in the Dark this past week as the site has published its 3,000th blog post.  A remarkable accomplishment to be sure, but even sweeter when one considers the general apathy online for blogs in general, what with the continuing prominence of Facebook and Twitter.  Blogs are far from dead, but let’s just say they are less dominant than they once were.  Ironically, the mid-week post- Aaron West’s review of “My Life as a Dog”, which gave cause for celebration – came to pass during the now running Greatest Childhood/Adolescent polling, which at least by way of comments is the least exceptional of the six genre polls we have staged so far.  Still the page view for the project have remained solid and the quality of writing exhibited in the reviews themselves has been of the first rank.

Simultaneously, the site marks its seventh anniversary in two weeks.  Launched in September of 2008, the speculative venture was planned by Allan Fish and myself, and supported mightily by Tony d’Ambra and Dee Dee, before gaining steam by a fraternity of blogger friends.  The site’s trademarks have been the weekly Monday Morning Diary, (instituted in 2010) a community forum where readers share their weekly viewings and activities, and the primary announcement board; the many decade and genre countdowns (populated not only by the site’s staff writers, but by fellow blogger friends from other sites, and an extensive archives of opera, book, and music reviews.  Though the present time has been difficult for blog sites in general, the site is alive and well, and will no doubt thrive for some time to come.

Many thanks to all our friends for making this place so accommodating for so long.  By any barometer of measurement this has been a remarkable run.

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