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my life as a dog - the group

By Aaron West

(This article discusses plot points from the film that some might consider spoilers.)

Coming of age stories do not necessarily need to fit into the carefully crafted formula that has been repeated ad nauseum over the last few decades. More often than not, when they deviate from that formula, they can catch honest moments and inject personality into their work. Many of the titles thus far on this list have been the films that break these constraints. I consider My Life as a Dog to be one of these films, but the power is not in it being bold and experimental, but in being subtle and identifiable.

Many children experience hardship, although few suffer nearly the lengths that Ingemar does. The way children deal with hardship is perplexing. Their minds have often not developed or mature enough to handle it well, and as a result they experience denial, cling to a myth, or minimize their misery by comparing their own lives to those much worse. This is the route that Ingemar takes, and he does so in the form of a dog. This materializes in his ruminations about Laika, the space dog that suffered to sacrifice for mankind. It also materializes with Sickan, his lovable canine companion that he is forced to abandon. Finally, it materializes with his own behavior. Rather than face the reality of his emotions, he behaves as if he is a dog. It is not apparent whether he is embodying Laika, Sickan or both, but he is clearly trying to leave Ingemar and his misfortune behind. (more…)

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