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The gang with their Halloween garb

by Sam Juliano

     Meeting up with Joel Bocko face-to-face over the weekend on two occasions was quite a thrilling experience for Lucille, the kids, a few friends and yours truly.  Bocko, who resides outside of Boston, is a former resident of NYC and easily made his way around the Big Apple, joining us for a Friday night screening of Psycho at the Film Forum, and then for Ozu’s gem The End of Summer at the IFC Film Center on Sunday morning.  Joel is a personable and (as expected) articulate guy who makes for great company. Celebrated film critic David Thomson introduced the Hitchcock horror masterpiece, and then signed copies of his new book “The Moment of Psycho: How Alfred Hitchcock Taught America to Love Murder” in the lobby.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a rough stretch with a severe case of the flu, fevers, and even the possibility of a colon infection (divertriculitis).  2010 has not been a good year for me health-wise.  In any case, as a result of my need to lay down, I have not been able to do the links this weekend.  The time to complete this task is too prohibitive, when I am spending little time on the PC.

     I have also been absent at many of the blogs I usually visit, sorry to say.  Halloween Day provided the kids with the annual fun, and on Saturday night Lucille took the lot to the Haunted School in town and to a street in a nearby town that displays imaginative Halloween decorations and yard displays.

    The horror poll was a spectacular success, and kudos are in order for Jamie Uhler, Troy Olson, Kevin Olson, Robert Taylor and Dennis Polifroni for their magnificent work over a month, and for the painstaking preparation and management of the comment sections.  There is really no way to issue sufficient thanks for what they accomplished here, and I can only say we owe you guys big-time.  The gavel now passes to our British friend and colleage Stephen Russell-Gebbett, who is ready to launch the animation poll on Tuesday.  Animation lovers (and film lovers in general) will no doubt be treated to something special by the endlessly creative Stephen, as this film category is his specialty.

    As always many thanks for your loyalty and friendship to:  Dee Dee, Joel Bocko, Maurizio Roca, Bob Clark, Tony d’Ambra, John Greco, Jamie Uhler, Judy Geater, Marilyn Ferdinand, Bobby J., Terrill Welch, Laurie Buchanan, Michael “Coffee Messiah” Harford, Stephen Russell-Gebbett, Troy Olson, Jeffrey Goodman, Longman Oz, Kevin Olson, Jaime Grijalba, Samuel Wilson, Murderous Ink, Roderick Heath, Shubhajit, David Schleicher, Kaleem Hasan, Jason Giampietro, Just Another Film Buff, Jason Marshall, J.D., Peter Lenihan, Phillip Johnston, Dennis Polifroni, Frank Gallo, Frederick, David Noack, Bill Riley, Pat, Craig Kennedy, Drew McIntosh, Adam Zanzie, Jake Cole, Anu, sartre, Dave Van Poppel, Pierre de Plume, Broadway Bob, Dave Hicks, John Lanthier, Andrew Wyatt, Film Dr., Hokahey, Qalandar, R.D. Finch, Ed Howard, Joseph Demme, Frank A., Andrei Scala, Dorothy Porker, Jeopardy Girl, Jason Bellamy, Maria, Ricky Chinigo, Robert Webb, David Carleton, T.S., Alexander Coleman, Ric Burke, Tony Dayoub, and some others.

And then there is Allan Fish.  Do I know him?  Ha! (more…)

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