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(United Kingdom 1968 90 min)

Director George Dunning; Art Direction Heinz Edelmann

by Stephen Russell-Gebbett

The music-hating Blue Meanies ( Blue and Mean) have banned music in Pepperland and sealed Pepperland’s own band inside a dome. They have just driven music away and now the people have turned to stone and the beautiful flowers wither as thorns clasp and tear their blooms in a claw-like embrace. They don’t know what to do. Music doesn’t live anywhere. You can’t knock on its door. It doesn’t grow in a vegetable patch. It can’t be pulled from the ground. In the end they do the only sensible you can do: send a man in a yellow submarine to get help.

Old Fred travels through the kaleidoscopic world until finally he arrives in Liverpool. There he finds their saviours, a band of floppy-haired men who seem tailor-made for the job of putting a song back into these poor people’s hearts.


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