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by Maurizio Roca
Rising from the frozen grounds of Norway, a few bands from the early 90s took the not-so-literal satanic message of Venom, one of the forefathers of Black Metal music, and infused it with a militant strain that seemed dead set against Christianity. The result? A rash of Norwegian churches, like the Fantoft Stave Church which had stood since 1150 A.D. burned to the ground, reduced to nothing but ash and rubble.

The members of the secretive inner circle that banded together at the record store, Helvete, had placed upon themselves the mantle of most extreme in metal. Their music was deadly serious and devoid of the cartoonish elements that other theatrical metal groups would immerse themselves in. Their music was primative, loud, and very lo-fi—essentially Pavement and Guided By Voices’ evil step brothers. Taking a similar disregard for audio fidelity, these select few chose to bath their music with hiss, feedback, and all sorts of textural mishaps. When the singer of Mayhem (aptly nicknamed Dead) committed suicide by putting a gun to his head, his guitar player thought nothing of photographing his body and then using his deathbed picture as a future album cover. That same guitar player (Euronymous) would eventually find himself murdered by a rival inner circle member, Varg Vikernes, the lone musician of Burzum. Yet another black metaler, Faust, the drummer of Emperor, would also be charged with homicide, for stabbing a man in Lillehammer multiple times. This is the world where Aites and Ewell’s documentary places us. The film shines a light on a movement of music where the fascination for many goes beyond what is contained within a vinyl groove or CD jewel case.  (more…)

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by Stephen Russell-Gebbett

100. Harpya (1979 BELGIUM) Raoul Servais*
99. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (2007 USA) Matt Maiellaro, Dave Willis
98. My Neighbours the Yamadas (1999 JAPAN) Isao Takahata
97. Creature Comforts (1989 + 2003- UK) Nick Park,
Richard Goleszowski
96. Dougal and the Blue Cat (1970 FRANCE) Serge Danot
95. Animal Farm (1954 UK) Joy Batchelor, John Halas
94. The Tale of How (2006 SOUTH AFRICA) The Black Heart Gang*
93. Avatar : The Last Airbender (2005-8 USA)
92. Tyger (2006 BRAZIL) Guilherme Marcondes*
91. Monster (2004-5 JAPAN) Masayuki Kojima
90. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965 USA) Bill Melendez

The Tale of How


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