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(Japan 1998 13x 23 min)

Director Ryutaro Nakamura

by Stephen Russell-Gebbett

You shouldn’t be getting mail from a dead girl”

Teenager Lain Iwakura is like many of her schoolfriends. She is detached from her mother and her computer-obsessed father (his gawping at an image of a headless burlesque dancer is a foretaste of what’s to come). Her life is a routine in which she is half-drowning. Then she receives an email from a girl in her who had recently committed suicide :

I have only given up my body…God is here”

She has gone to ‘The Wired’. ‘The Wired’ is effectively a version of the Internet that has grown into another world, a cloud of consciousness spawned by the interlinking of millions of neuronic computers. It isn’t long before Lain is being called into ‘The Wired’ and, seeing ghosts on the streets, the two realms interlock, half-drowning in each other. The emails left by the ghost in the machine are both chilling and seductive. Come over, join us.


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