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Part 2 of our wildly popular Greatest Television Countdown, originally eyed for mid December will now be pushed back until late January.  The reasons are two-fold:  I have received a few e mails from writers who understandably need more time for this marathon venture, and I simply will be unable to write my Caldecott Medal Contender reviews at the same time I pen my massive workload for the television countdown.  The idea to do it the first place was rather ludicrous.

However, Part 2 will now cross over into the general calendar span I had envisioned for our Second Annual Allan Fish On Line Film Festival.  Though we ran it this past year at a juncture around his birthday, I realized too late that his birthday was actually at the very end of May.  In any case, the most important matter is that we do conduct the Allan Fish Festival in 2018 and we will absolutely do so.  It may now be in late June or early July, but it will definitely happen and will tentatively run for two weeks.  Jamie Uhler will once again be chairing the project and will at the right time send the rules out at the site.  The way I am figuring it now there will be a three day break between the television project and the opening day of the Allan Fish venture.  Assuming this site is still viable a few years from now I think the Allan Fish project can happen anytime from May until August, but probably in May.  Only because of the length of the television venture are we jockeying the dates a bit.

I will soon send the official schedule out to our e mail group and will be exact as to the date with our readers.


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Reports of the carnage in Las Vegas broke after I had already posted the Monday Morning Diary.  The news was as horrific as it was unconscionable.  Duane Porter tellingly frames this depravity with another call to law makers in a comment he placed at the MMD yesterday.  The site of course is in complete and utter agreement:

Monday morning, appalled by the carnage in Las Vegas. A man is able to fire 1000 rounds out of a hotel window before he can be stopped. All this horror and suffering would not have been possible were it not for the inane free access to high-capacity automatic weapons in this country. Are we never going to wake up?

R.I.P. Tom Petty of Travelling Willburys and Heartbreakers fame.  Another musical icon has left us.  My wife Lucille has always been one of his biggest fans.  I wonder what our resident rock music guru Jamie Uhler thought of his work.  Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney among other icons held him in the highest regard.

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