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Stunning capture from Otto Shenk’s Metropolitan Opera production of Wagner’s “Tannhauser seen in HD broadcast.


Magnificent capture from HD broadcast of Wagner’s “Tannhauser”

by Sam Juliano

As we inch closer to the mid-way point in November, we are still enveloped by warmer temperatures than usual in the tri-state area around the Big Apple, with much of the same predicted for this current week.  Before we blink we will have Turkey Day upon us, to be followed by the holiday season, all the long-anticipated late year movie openings and the heart of the football season.

After nearly five years of the same design (courtesy of my excellent friend from Down Under, Tony d’Ambra, who continues to offer up sage advice and specifications) I did something this past week out of the clear blue, impulsively and without warning changing the site’s theme in seeming contradiction with some of the more austere aspects of our home’s communal scholarship.  The verdict is in, and it is markedly split down the middle.  Some have opined it is garish and in your face, while others think it is the best thing since ice cream.  To be sure I am still investigating all the possibilities, and haven’t definitely settled on the dark wood design, but it offers vividly toned typography, a great font style for the comments, a superb background for photos, terrific color coordinated post headings and two sidebars.  The downside is I can’t seem to include the “WitD Team’ on said sidebar and there is no longer the option of a movie banner.  However I know at a little cost I can probably get those revisions made.  I am still exploring all the various possibilities.  I will say that I am personally fond of this new theme, favoring two others that were briefly employed over the past days.  I know ‘taste’ is the great equalizer in affairs of the heart, which I guess in my case sometimes wins poll position over the mind.  I’d love to hear some opinions from those who comment on this thread. (more…)

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